Keeping Relaxed &
Excited About Birth

In this free class you’ll learn:

  • The 3 things that make the biggest difference to your birth experience — so you can feel confident and calm, knowing these things are handled.
  • Tips and tricks for birthing partners to perform well on the day
  • What you need do to prepare for a calm and easier birth.


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“To say ‘I loved the course’ is an understatement. It was truly transformational.
As healthcare professionals, we appreciate how balanced, up-to-date, well-founded, and evidence-based the course was. Tracey is clearly an expert in her field. We are now genuinely excited to labour together, birthing our baby calmly, and with LOVE”



“Wow. We're so glad that we participated in this course, it really helped change my mindset about birth. I was anxious and fearful, and now I feel more confident that my body is able to do this and I have the tools to practice that I can later rely on. Knowing what practices actually help in labour and birth makes a massive difference. Also, knowing how my partner can contribute and how we can work as a team has been so helpful.”



* Over the last 20+ years, Tracey Anderson Askew has supported 3,000-4,000 parents through birth
(and often beyond, into early parenting).

Meet Tracey Anderson Askew

Childbirth and Parenting Educator 
Director of ‘Transform Parenting’
Founder of ‘Transform your Birth’
Hypnotherapist & Breathing Educator

Tracey has helped prepare couples for birth for 20+ years. During that time, she has supported 3,000-4,000 parents through birth (and often right through to early parenting)... and counting!

A mother of 4 sons, she is passionate about bringing confidence back to women when it comes to birth — and helping them to access the incredible physiological and emotional resources they have within themselves.  

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